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Billbergia saundersii

Peanut Cacti

Cattleya BLC 'Bryce Canyon'

Picea abies 'Acrocona'

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This Web Site is dedicated to the Conservation of Endangered Species and Plant Research. 

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   PLANT GROUP   Cultural Information for Bromeliads - Cacti and Succulents - Conifers and Orchids

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Biological Control - A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America ICNBC - Int. Code of Nomenclature
Forest Giants - The world's largest trees! Web page featuring photographs and drawings. Native British Trees
International Plant Name Index - Extremely useful ! Plant Names Index
BROMELIADS Bromeliad Culture and Information - S.E.Michigan Bromeliad Society - Everything you need to know about growing Bromeliads in northern climates Bromeliad Information - International Bromeliad Society 
Bromeliad Encyclopedia - Home Page of the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies - The Council is dedicated to serving the Bromeliad enthusiasts of Florida and the Internet Community. Outstanding  Bromeliad Information - Photos, classification, and culture of Bromeliads. Culture - Hybridizing - Pests and Diseases
Bromeliads In Australia - A pictorial encyclopedia of Bromeliads grown in Australia Bromtravels - Bromeliads and travels in Latin-America  - A very extensive and excellent site by Leo Dijkgraaf of the Netherlands
Florida Native Bromeliads Illustrated - Which ones are in peril from Metamasius callizona? - Dr. Howard Frank Shane's Cryptanthus Page - Shane Crozier's Cryptanthus Page
Growers of Bromeliads from The Netherlands and Belgium - facts and vital info about the care and handling requirements and the varieties of Bromeliads that are available.
CACTI - SUCCULENTS The Paradise - dedicated to Cacti, Succulent Bromeliads and Nature in Brazil  Living Rocks of Mexico - The most comprehensive resource on the genus Ariocarpus 
The Leafy Succulent Collection by Peter Lapshin - Moscow Institute of Plant Physiology The Genus Astrophytum (Lem.) - Documents, data and monograph by Heinz Hoock

CONIFERS Gymnosperm Database
Scientific information on all conifers, books, links and much more! Currently the Database provides basic information (sometimes only a name) for all species and higher-ranked taxa of the gymnosperms, i.e., conifers, cycads, and their allies.
Ancient Bristolcone Pine
Ginkgo Pages Taxonomy of the Gymnosperms
Wollemi pine - Wollemia nobilis, an ancient treasure, the greatest botanical discovery of our time. It is one of the world's oldest and rarest trees, discovered 10 years ago. Pest and Diseases - IBM/CAT Alerts, Biocontrol
ORCHIDS American Orchid Society   Culture Sheets -  Concise but informative one page documents that give guidelines for caring for a number of common types of orchids.  The sheets are organized as "beginner" and "intermediate" level discussions. Brazilian Orchids - Extensive orchid related site by Delfina de Araujo,  with many photos and information
OSCOV, Australia - Articles on orchid culture in Victoria and Photo Gallery Orchidstudium Project - Brazilian species - Researchers and Collectors 
Canadian Orchid Culture Sheets - Cultural notes for many orchid species prepared by the Canadian Orchid Congress for the hobbyist orchid grower OrchidWire - Orchid Culture - Links to a selection of orchid culture resources including Orchid pollination and seed germination database.
Orchid Species Encyclopaedia - Jay Pfahl has gathered together an astonishing reference library of orchid species, over 6000 species listed covering 606 genera Personal Orchid Pages in Europe
VARIOUS HORTICUL. INFORMATION Dawes Arboretum - Reports and Evaluations -
A compilation of research by staff members on a variety of horticultural subjects.
A Guided Tour of Agriculture - University of Illinois 
Monrovia Gardening Information Center  - Frequently Asked Questions The BBC Gardening website - UK - Details about all BBC gardening programes and publications

"Explore the Crown Jewels of the Plant Kingdom: Bromeliads - Cacti and Succulents - Orchids - Conifers"

The environmental requirement for each plant depends upon the plants native habitat. Before you buy plants, try to research the cultural conditions and how to provide them. Select plants that will grow in the environment you can supply. For more cultural information, growing tips, solving problems and to obtain unusual and rare species, we recommend joining one of the various Plant Societies listed under "Garden Web World - Horticultural Societies".
The Societies promote plant and seed exchanges and provide information on the culture of the plants.




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