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Bromeliad Taxonomists and Growers Discussion List


Bromeliad Forum - Bromeliads Foro (Deutsch, English and Spanish)
BSI Growers Round Robin is a listserver - an email discussion group - that focuses on Bromeliads
Tillandsias - Yahoo Group Bromeliads for Beginners - Yahoo Group 


CACTI  British Cactus Society Forum
Cacti & Succ. (Yahoo Group)


CONIFERS Pinus_cembra.jpg (37172 bytes)Intern. Conifer Society
E-mail Discussion Groups for every knowledge level!
Conifer Education - Experienced Collectors and Hobbyists, Gardeners for Arboreta and Botanical Gardens; Arboreta and Conifer Nurseries are welcome!
Conifer Obsession for Conifer 
Experts and Professionals only
Conifer Collectors
Conifers and Companion Plants
Conifer Hobbyist Group (for Beginners) Conifer Chat  - Arb. de Villardebelle
Private Discussion Group's - Messages and Photos do not appear on the Internet.


CARNIVOROUS Carnivorous (Yahoo Group)

JAP. MAPLES Japanese Maples (Yahoo Group)

MAGNOLIAS Magnolia (Yahoo Group)


ORCHIDS American Orchid Society's AOS Forum - Interactive discussion board. The Society strives to make its AOS Forum the friendliest, most educational orchid-oriented discussion group in the world.
OGD - Orchidguide - Internat. Discussion Group - Orchids Archives is available on the Internet - To subscribe: send a message with subject or body 'help' : orchids-request@orchidguide.com


Orchids (Yahoo Group) Orchid Board - mostly USA and Canadian participation
Native Orchids (Yahoo Group) Orchid Discussion Lists
Orchid Spring Discussion Board -
Moderated Forum for discussion of orchid related topics - follow the link
Slippertalk Orchid Forum - Phalaenopsis, Phragmipedium and other lady slipper orchid discussions


SUCCULENTS Cactus and Succulent Webring Crassulaceae




"The best Plant Forums and Discussion Groups for Bromeliads, Cacti and Succulents, Conifers and Orchids"

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