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Sequoiadendron giganteum
'General Grant' courtesy
Kings Canyon National Park, USA

Ayers.Rock.jpg (55046 bytes) Geyser.jpg (21468 bytes) Banff.jpg (57352 bytes) Elephant.rock.jpg (64207 bytes)
Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon
Old Faithful Geyser
Yellowstone National Park, USA
Banff National Park
Alberta, Canada
Elephant Rock, Valley of 
Fire State Park, Nevada, USA


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    COUNTRY "A Virtual Tour of the best National Parks from around the World " 

World National Parks - National Parks are listed by Country
ARGENTINA Iguazu.Falls.jpg (36884 bytes)National Parks of Argentinia
 Parque Nacional Iguazu
The majestic horseshoe shaped Iguaza Falls are taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide with a 275 cascading waterfall spread. More than 85 species of orchids are found in the park.
Parque Nacional Lanín -  412,000 hectares - the snow-capped, 776-metre Volcano Lanín is its centerpiece, dominating the landscape. The reserve includes 24 lakes of glaciered origin. The north half of the park is dominated by the  pehuén or Araucaria araucana, that covers western valleys and slopes. 
AFRICA Kruger.jpg (40716 bytes)Kruger National Park was established in 1898 - a national treasure consisting of 21,000 square kilometers - home to an impressive number of species, including 336 tree species. Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa. Explore an untamed ecosystems! Wilderness Trails -  Photo: Picture Newsletter - Photo Gallery  
Sanparks one of the world's leading conservation and scientific research bodies.  Explore the beauty and diversity of South African National Parks! Experience self-drive safaris, game viewing, guided walks and hiking, bird-watching, 4x4 trails, mountain biking, golf, canoeing and swimming.
AUSTRALIA Mount Field National Park, Tasmania - Welcome to Tasmania's wilderness - a Mecca for bush walkers! The park covers an area of 16265 ha and almost a third of the island is protected within 14 national parks and reserves. The parks ecosystem ranges from swamp gum forests, (a species of eucalyptus with heights up to 85m) at lower elevations,  through rainforest to alpine vegetation at the tops of the mountains. The park is home to endangered species, a Fern forest, some of the worlds tallest trees and famous Russell Falls.
BOLIVIA Madidi National Reserve- Explore 2 million hectares of the richest Rain forest in the Amazon's, one of the largest biodiversity reserves in the world. Madidi is home to more than a thousand species of birds.
CANADA Icefield's.Parkway.jpg (97458 bytes)Great Canadian Parks - 45 parks exist across Canada, preserving vast tracts of wilderness parkland to protect its natural habitats and species. Explore magnificent scenery, climb glaciers and visit a temperate rain forest! Enjoy an overabundance of wildlife! Visit the migrating birds and butterfly haven 'Point Pelee', Ontario! Explore the ocean floor during the New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy's extreme low tide which draws 200 billion tons of water! Photo: Icefield's Parkway
Moraine.Lake.jpg (21336 bytes)Banff National Park, Alberta is located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The park is spanning  6,641 square kilometer of valley's, glaciers and ice-fields, lush meadows,  natural mineral hot springs, towering jagged snow-capped mountains, lakes and rivers. You will find some of the world's best hiking and skiing. Did you know a pair of million-dollar overpasses were constructed above the Trans-Canada Highway so that animals could cross the highway safely? Photo: Moraine Lake, courtesy
Cabot.trail.jpg (14975 bytes)Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia - home of the spectacular Cabot Trail, the most beautiful drive in North America. The northern section of the Cabot Trail is carved into the sides of mountains. The trail winds around the northern shore of Cape Breton passing through the majestic highlands of Cape Breton National Park and climbs to heights of more than 400 m. Spectacular cliffs, coastal wilderness and awe-inspiring views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence!
weeping.wall.jpg (17326 bytes)Glacier National Park, is one of seven national parks in British Columbia with a size of 1,349 square kilometer. The Park was formed by glaciers and consists of steep rugged mountains, narrow valleys and an unique cave system with Nakimu Cave being Canada's largest. Unique stands of Cedrus and Tsuga and a vast variety of plant and endangered wildlife species are found in this warm moist climate. Photo: The Weeping Wall
Jasper.sunrise.jpg (17269 bytes)Jasper National Park, Alberta - from Lake Louise travel the 225 kilometer dramatic Icefield Parkway to Jasper. Jasper is known for its crashing waterfalls, accessible glaciers, raging rivers and the Miette Hotsprings Pool. Don't miss the Athabasca Glacier and the thunder of  Athabasca Falls. Photo: Jasper sunrise, courtesy PDPhoto.or St. Elias National Park and Preserve, the "mountain kingdom of North America", a world treasure!  25% of the preserve consists of glacial ice, mountain peaks above 4877 m (16000 feet), including Mount Elias at 5486 m (18008 feet). 

FRANCE Pyrenees National Park - founded in  1967, "the kingdom of untamed nature" stretches 60 miles along the French-Spanish border. Spectacular landscapes, cliffs, gorges and lakes! The park consist of two zones with the central zone having the most spectacular landscapes and is almost uninhabited. The north slope forests are covered with fir trees and the south slope forests are mainly inhabited by Scotch pines.
Vanoise National Park - High alpine sanctuary in the Savoie Region consisting of five nature reserves, a central zone and peripheral zone. Explore Monolithe de Sardičres and Pointes de la Gličre! Visit the best and most prestigious ARBORETA and BOTANIC GARDENS around the world!
IRELAND Killarney National Park - establ. in 1932 - covers 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres) of mountain, moorland, woodland, waterways, parks and gardens. Designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1981!
JAPAN Nikkō National Park - The 80,000-hectare (200,000-acre) park is located in the Kantō region, well known for the Futaarasan Shrine, founded by Shodo in 784 and rebuilt in 1619. Lake Chuzenji (Chuzenjiko), located at the foot of the sacred volcano Mount Nantai in Okunikko ("Inner Nikko"), was formed by lava flows of the now extinct volcano several thousand years ago. Majestic cedars! Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park with magnificent Mount Fuji at its core!
NEW ZEALAND Mitre.Peak.jpg (73873 bytes)Fiordland National Park - Te Wahipounamu - a masterpiece of tortured rock, rainforest and deep southern ocean. Milford Sound (Piopiotahi) - a rare view of nature on a grand scale -  1,200,000 ha of  mountainous, rugged and remote wilderness was hand crafted by ancient glaciers. Spectacular scenery!
Photo: Mitre Peak, 1700 m of sheer rock walls
Tongariro National Park - The park has active and extinct volcanoes: Volcanic Mountains Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro a diverse range of ecosystems and some spectacular landscapes. Some Māori religious sites within the park are tabu
MALAYSIA Taman Negara, formerly King George V National Park - over 4343 square kilometers (434,300 ha) is one of the earth's oldest rain forest with a history that stretches back to 130 million years ago inhabited with over 10,000 species of plants and 350 species of birds. Activities include Bird watching, cave exploration, jungle trekking, white-water rafting, fishing, guided nature walks and mountain climbing.
SPAIN Garajonay National Park in the Canary Islands, the most important remaining laurisylvan forests. Parque Nacional del Teide, the volcanic highlands with amazing landscapes and flora.
Ordesa Nacional Parque in the Pyrenees 
USA National Forests in California (USDA Forest Service) - The coniferous forests of the Sierra Mountains of California with their bold, jagged peaks are the grandest and most beautiful in the world. The spectacular wilderness of the High Sierra is located in eastern California in the Sierra Nevada. A Hikers and Backpackers paradise! 
Zumfeld.Medow.jpg (38407 bytes)Sequoia National Park - Majestic Sequoias, stunning beauty and some of the most striking scenery in the world are mother natures magnificent creations awaiting you in Sequoia Park! The park was created in 1890. The Mountains of California - by John Muir.
Photo: Zumwalt Medow (courtesy
Organ.pipe.cactus.jpg (40741 bytes)The Sonoran Desert  stretches through parts of southern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico and southeastern California. lt has the greatest diversity of vegetative growth of any desert in North America with more than 2000 plant species. An amazing landscape diversity:  From cold conifer forests to hot deserts. The Coniferous Forest is dominated by Pinus ponderosa. Pseudotsuga menziesii, Aboies spp. and Picea spp. occur at higher elevations. Also found are: Tropical Forest, Temperate Deciduous Forest, Desert, Thornscrub, Grassland and Chaparral. Sonoran Desert (World Wildlife Fund)
Morning.Glory.jpg (37844 bytes)Yellowstone National Park - Established in 1872, located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The Park is home to a large variety of wildlife. The Upper Geyser Basin boasts the largest concentration and the worlds largest Geysers. Visit: Heritage and Research Center and Photo Gallery.
"A thousand Yellowstone wonders are calling, 'Look up and down and round about you!'" John Muir 1894 - Photo: Morning Glory Pool, courtesy 
Yosemite.jpg (34367 bytes)Yosemite National Park, CA - A 1,930 kilometer wilderness park in the High Sierra noted for its waterfalls, deep valleys, grand meadows and ancient Giant Sequoias. Photo: Half Dome
Yosemite Photos
Crater of Diamonds State Park - Explore an unique geological "gem" - "The world's only diamond site where you can search and keep what you find." Visit a Photo Gallery of Waterfalls from around the world


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