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Sophronitis coccinea © Sao Paulo, Brazil near Tres Cruzes elev. 550 m (cloud forest) Photo: Jay Pfahl

Piecea abies 'Pendula'
The Angel of Hidden Lakes
Hidden Lake Gardens, Michigan, USA

Pinus hungshanensis © China,
Photo: Adrien Golinelli

Vriesea rodigasiana on Auraucaria angustifolia © Brazil,
Photo: Prof. L. Buckup

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This Web Site is dedicated to the Conservation of Endangered Species and Plant Research. 

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

 Botanic Gardens Conservation International 

US National Arboretum

 COUNTRY The best and most prestigious ARBORETA and BOTANIC GARDENS around the world

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INTERNATIONAL International Plant Science Center -
New York Botanical Garden  
AFRICA mathews.rockery.jpg (20358 bytes)Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town is world-renowned for the beauty and diversity of the flora it displays and for its magnificent setting against the eastern slopes of Table Mountain. The 528 hectares estate supports diverse fynbos flora and a natural forest and grows only indigenous South African plants. Photo: Mathew's Rockery, Kirstenbosch

Johannesburg Botanic Garden - 81 ha. - located near the Emmarentia dam, the gardens are divided into Theme Gardens. The Garden has assembled one of the foremost succulent collections in the world, including  Stapeliads, an almost complete collection of Echidnopsis  and the world's largest collection of Lithops (Mesembryanthemaceae). 

Durban Botanical Gardens Orchids, Bromeliads, Palms and Cycads are the main collections of the Gardens.  Durban's hot humid climate is ideal for a number of these plants 

ARGENTINA Jardín Botánico "Oro Verde" Jardín Botánico Dr. Miguel J. Culaciati - located in the Sierras de Córdoba region.The major foci of the Garden are the medicinal plants of the Tzeltal and Tzotzil Maya of Highland Chiapas.
AUSTRALIA Directory of Australian Botanic Gardens and Arboreta - A complete listing of all Australian Botanic Gardens, including Regional Gardens
Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens - Second oldest Botanical Garden features an important conservation collection of Tasmanian Plants and the world's only Sub-Antarctic Plant House
Australian National Botanic Gardens - ANBG is part of the Biodiversity Directorate of the Australian Nature Conservation Agency (ANCA)

Center for Plant Biodiversity Research
Australian National Herbarium
AUSTRIA Arbeitsgemeinschaft Österreichischer Botanischer Gärten
A complete index of Austria's Botanic Gardens.
Im Jahre 1998 haben sich die Botanischen Gärten Österreichs in einer Arbeitsgemeinschaft zusammen geschlossen.
Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna - Created in 1754 by Empress Maria Theresia of Austria - The Garden is a synthesis between a 19th century landscape garden and a display of plants in systematic and plant-geographical arrangement.
Herbarium WU
, Institute of Botany, University of Vienna
BELGIUM L'Arboretum de Kalmthout - Arboretum Kalmhout 
Arboretum-Waasland - 
The arboretum presents all kinds of trees and is a very good source for plants as well
Botanical Garden of the University of Ghent - More than 10 000 plant species thrive on the 2.75 ha site. The magnificent Victoria greenhouse hosts  epiphytic bromeliads, peperomias and cacti from the Brazilian rain forest. National Botanic Garden of Belgium - One of the world's largest Botanical Gardens with a treasure trove of plants from all over the world. Herbarium houses the department of non-vascular cryptogams (Bryophytes and Thallophytes) and its mycological, bryological and phycological collections.
BRAZIL Neotropicum Botanical Gardens - The Tiririca Mountains State Park, an Atlantic Forest Reserve
CANADA UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research - University of British Columbia - the second largest living plant collection in Canada. Research mission: Explore, explain and maintain plant life on Earth. Montreal Botanical Gardens - Ranked as one of the largest of its kind in the world, a veritable living museum of plants from the four corners of the Earth. The Arid House is home to a large collection of unusual cacti and succulents, including agave, opuntia, haworthia and aloe.

Royal Botanical Gardens (Canada) - consisting of 900 hectares of ecologically sensitive natural lands - five Garden areas - four Nature Sanctuaries and a 30-kilometre trail system.

New Brunswick Botanical Garden over 50 000 plants on 7 hectares
CZECH REP. Pruhonice Arboretum and Dendrological Garden The Botanical Garden of Tabor
DENMARK Arboretet - The Arboretum in Hřrsholm (Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University) contains the largest collection of woody plants in Denmark with 2,000 different species of woody plants.  Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University - founded in 1856 - KVL is the only Danish University specialising in the agricultural and veterinarian area.
Greenlandic Arboretum in Narsarsuaq (Royal Veterin. & Agr. University) - The Forest Plantations Royal Horticultural Garden - Copenhagen -  holds 22.052 living plants representing 359 families, 2.984 genera og 13.210 species. The garden is divided into different sections including an Arboretum, Pine, Acacia and East Asian section. The Moraine scree section plants, about 1,400 different species, originated from mountain areas, including Greenland.
FRANCE Pinus_cembra.jpg (37172 bytes)Arboretum de Villardebelle
Located in the South of France, the Arboretum is dedicated to the conservation of rare and endangered conifers.
Arboretum national des Barres - A botanical collection originating from various regions of the world consisting of more than 2700 species and 8.500 genera. Three types of collections.
Jotropicaux - Ornithological and botanical garden in the south of France
GERMANY BGBM Arboretum - 1800 different trees and shrubs are grouped together, including Conifers and Gingkos Botanic Garden Berlin-Dahlem
Botanischer Garten der Ruhr-Universität Bochum - Large and impressive collection of cacti and other succulents. Chinesischer Garten der Ruhr-Universität Bochum
HUNGARY Folly Arboretum  - established in the early 1900's the 5-hectare arboretum is home to exotic species with a collection of 400 types of rare trees Botanical Garden in Vácrátót - The richest botanic garden of Hungary, having more than 12000 species
Gödöllö Arboretum -  350 hectares of research and park - founded in 1902
INDONESIA Bogar Botanical Garden - founded by Dutch colonizers near Jakarta. One of the oldest of its kind in Asia,  officially opened in 1817. Explore 80 hectares with more than 15,000 species of trees and plants! The orchid houses contain some 3000 varieties! The garden is well known for the world’s largest orchid, Grammatophyllum speciousum.  Photo gallery
ITALY Isola Madre, Lake Maggiore - a Botanical Garden on water dating back to before the XVI century. The garden is full of rare plants and exotic flowers, famous for its azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias Botanic Garden Padua (Orto Botanico) - dates back to 1545 and is regarded as the most ancient university garden in the world. The "Goethe palm" (Chamaerops humilis var. arborescens) was planted in 1585 and is the oldest plant in the Garden
Botanical Gardens of Italy - a complete index of  Botanic Gardens in Italy
INDONESIA Botanical Garden of Ubud, Bali
JAPAN University of Tokyo Botanical Gardens
NETHERLANDS Arboretum Trompenburg - The arboretum’s activities are related to conservation and distribution of rare and endangered plants. Excellent collection of mature Fagus sylvatica. Botanische Tuinen Utrecht - University Utrecht
Pinetum Blijdenstein - The most complete Conifer Collection in the world! The collection includes 500 wild species of Rhododendrons, Cycads, 34 types of Ephreda's and Tasmanian plants. Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam - One of the oldest Botanic Gardens in the world with more than 6,000 plants (4,000 different species) 1.2 hectares - home of a 300-year-old Eastern Cape giant cycad.
Pinetum 'Ter Borgh' te Anloo
NORWAY Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden - The 1,6 ha Botanic Garden in Tromsř is the World's northernmost! Two months of midnight sun! Mild winters and cool summers! The Botanic Garden is part of the University of Tromsř.
RUSSIA Botanical Garden of Yoskar-Ola  - 72,7 hectares - including an Arboretum on 9 hectares. "The main aims are the creation, the maintenance, the preservation and the protection of a collection of indigenous plants outdoors as well as a collection of foreign species indoors." The collection includes 4'000 taxons, inclusive 1'200 in the greenhouse.  Nikita Botanical Gardens - Founded in 1812 - A large Scientific Research Institute of 1100 hectares as well as a beautiful tourist attraction - NBG is interested in exchanging scientific information - largest herbarium in Europe 

Botanic Garden of the Irkutsk State University - Mission: To protect and enrich the flora of the Lake Baikal area and the world for people through public education, collection, propagation, research, and conservation of plants.
SWEDEN Kiviks-Esperöd Arboretum- The most southern located arboretum in Sweden, founded in 1922. Many interesting trees, amongst them some old and large specimens of Magnolia obovata, Mag. acuminata and Cunninghamia lanceolata. Many conifers. Membership required Göteborg Botanical Garden - Established in 1910 - the biggest Garden in all of Sweden with a 175 hectares (ca 430 acres) nature reserve - 16,000 different plant species!  The garden includes an arboretum and a greenhouse with 4000 various plants, including some 1500 orchids, a remarkable tufa apartment and the rare Eastern Island Tree


Aubonne.jpg (20180 bytes)Arboretum du Vallon de l'Aubonne - created in 1968, the Arboretum is located in the valley of Aubonne on 130 hectares with nearly 3000 species and varieties of woody plants from around the world. Collection botanique d'arbres et d'arbustes provenant du monde entier! Botanical Garden of Geneva- a collection of 16,000 plant species from around the world.
Zürich Botanical Garden
the site includes an index to Botanic Gardens

SPAIN Jardín Botánic Marimurtra - A beautiful Garden devoted to research and international study of botany
UNITED KINGDOM Bedgebury Pinetum  - 
The National Pinetum at Bedgebury houses the best and largest collection of temperate conifers in the world. Over 10,000 trees and shrubs from across five continents, many are rare and endangered.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - Research - Plant Conservation - unrivalled Collections and expertise - 500 acres of gardens and landscape. The largest living plant collection in the world. Wakehurst Place - managed by Kew. There is great emphasis on conservation, with the Millennium Seed Bank
Dawyck Arboretum - 60 acres of mature tree specimens and shrubs, exotic conifers dating back to 1680, and some of the tallest trees in Britain. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh RBGE - A world-renowned scientific institution for the study of plants, their diversity and conservation. The 2nd. richest collection of plant species in the world.
Westonbirt Arboretum - National Maple Collection and about 18000 other trees and shrubs Ness Botanic Gardens - The University of Liverpool - Environmental and Horticultural Research Station
U S A  The Arnold Arboretum - 265 acres - Trees and shrubs from around the world, with special emphasis on plants native to Asia and New England Fairchild Tropical Gardens, FL - Extensive botanical collection of rare tropical plants. Especially noteworthy for its cycad collection. Tropical plant research. Virtual 
Herbarium (FTG) contains more 165,000 specimens.
Bickelhaupt.Arboretum1.jpg (38659 bytes)Bickelhaupt Arboretum
a fourteen acre outdoor museum - Home of the Heartland Collection of dwarf and rare conifers
Huntington Botanical Gardens, CA - 150 acres with appr. 15,000 kinds of plants from all over the world - featuring an array of beautiful Gardens, including a Desert Garden, Palm Garden, Australian Garden and many more.
Dawes Arboretum - 1,149 acres of plant collections with more than 15,000 living plants. Of these plants, 4,500 are unique names (taxa).Gray Herbarium, Harvard University Marie Selby Botanic Gardens - A tropical oasis nestled on the bay front of Sarasota, Florida. It is well-known for it's Mulford B. Foster Bromeliad Identification Center. Mission: Conservation of tropical plants - with emphasis on epiphytes and their natural habitats.
J. C. Raulston Arboretum N.C. State University - nationally acclaimed garden with the most diverse collection of plants adapted for landscape use in the southeastern United States Missouri Botanical Garden - one of the oldest botanical institutions in the country, a center for botanical research and science education - 79 acres
Morris Arboretum - University of Pennsylvania - A 92 acre historic public garden and educational institution. Thousands of rare woody plants. Victorian landscape. National Tropical Botanical Gardens - Hawai - dedicated to the conservation of tropical plant diversity, particularly rare and endangered species. 1,800 acres of gardens and preserves.
The Arboretum of Los Angeles County - 127  acres which include Australian, African, Mediterranean, Southwestern, South American, and Asiatic/North American sections. New York Botanical Garden - 250  acres of Gardens,
one of the world’s great collections of plants, the region’s leading educational center for gardening and horticulture, and an international center for plant research.
angelinapond.jpg (11815 bytes)The Lovett Pinetum Charitable Foundation - established to gain practical knowledge of the best methods for growing pine trees under defined conditions. 79 acres - three Units in California, Texas and Missouri. The Lyon Arboretum - University of Hawai - 200 acres on the island of O'ahu at the top of the Manoa watershed - located in a tropical rainforest in the USA
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, CA - an 86-acre living museum dedicated to research and conservation. The herbarium is one of the largest collections of preserved plant specimens in North America. The Living collection includes a Desert, Coastal and Island Garden, a Yellow Pine Forest and much more. A total of about 2800 taxa. Opuntia.basilaris.jpg (26486 bytes)Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden (Desert USA)
Renowned for its cactus collection which includes more than 1,350 different taxa on 145 acres.The Living Collection contains nearly 20,000 plants representing 3,886 taxa in 133 plant families.
US National Arboretum - Best Collections: Gotelli Collection of dwarf and slow growing conifers. The majority of  plants in this collection were donated by conifer collector William Gotelli. The Asian Collections has a dramatic steeply sloping terrain. Stanley M.Rowe Arboeretum -  is a 9 acres nonprofit arboretum with a remarkable collection of conifers, crabapples, magnolias, oaks and beeches.

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