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Pinus brutia f. pendulifoilia ©, Marmaris Region,
Turkey, Photo: Adrien Golinelli

Aechmea nudicaulis var. cuspitata © on granite,
 Brazil, Photo: Prof.Ludwig Buckup

Sea of Cortes, Mexico

Pinus aristata © Windy Ridge, Colorado, USA, age exceeds 3,500 years Photo: Jerry Morris


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ARGENTINA Iguazu.Falls.jpg (36884 bytes)Iguazú Nacional Park, Urugua - í Provincial Park, Misiones Province - Orchids, Jungle, Trees, Birds, Iguazú Falls - 85 species of orchids, 200 species of trees, 448 birds, 71 mammals, 36 reptiles and amongst the most stunning insects there are about 250 species of butterflies - Photo: Marcelo Choulet, Iguazú Falls - Cataratas de Iguazú, una vista del lado Argentino
AUSTRALIA Wollemi.Pine.jpg (78167 bytes)Wollemi Walk of Discovery - Mount Annan Botanical Garden - each ancient Wollemia nobilis  (Wollemini Pine) planted on the walk is a clone (exact genetic replica) of every individual tree that is found in the wild at Wollemi National Park. The Dinosaur Tree! Arial view of Wollemi Pine in the wild. Photo: J. Plaza RBG Sidney
BRAZIL Vriesea.incurvata.jpg (82274 bytes)A Bromeliad Paradise  can be found at the northeastern coastal lowland of Rio Grande do Sul State, near Torres, in South Brazil. In no other place in the neotropics so many bromeliads are growing together, covering almost completely the soil. The abundance of nutritional substances in the soil, heat, humidity and adequate light conditions shape the perfect atmosphere. Vriesea incurvata in habitat - Photo: Prof. L. Buckup

CANADA Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland - Spectacular scenery: endless glacier carved fjords and steep rugged snow-covered mountains in a pristine wilderness settings.  Whale and Bird Watching, Kayaking, Swimming and Skiing, Fishing, Hiking and much more! Along the coast discover twisted and stunted Piceas and Abies balsamea.   
Gwaii Haanas National Reserve and Haida Heritage, British Columbia (between Prince Rupert and Vancouver) is a remote wilderness area of 138 islands stretching 90 km from north to south, only accessible by boat or chartered aircraft. This unique gem of rugged beauty and ecological character is nestled between the steep towering San Christoval mountain range to the west and the Pacific coastline to the east. The coastline is dotted with inlets, bays and islands; legendary fishing waters! The landscape is a wonder of dense cedar, pine and hemlock rainforests and is blessed with a distinct microclimate! Watch black bears, whales, dolphins, porpoises and thousands of unusual nesting seabirds!  Photo Gallery  
CHILE Isla Magdalena National Park, Punta Arenas - A Priceless Reserve, the last piece of  temperate rain forest on the globe where man has never been. The interior is almost inaccessible. "A potential for new discoveries of undocumented plant species".
COSTA RICA Tropical Botanical Garden - Tropical forest, orchards with over 60 varieties of tropical fruit, and landscaped gardens filled with heliconias, orchids, gingers and palms
CUBA The Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve in the western Pinar del Rio province, covers an area of 26,686 hectares, an ideal destination for nature lovers.  The central zone is exclusively devoted to research. Major ecosystem type: Tropical dry or deciduous forest. The National Park Viñales Valley is noted for the existence of impressive mountains of vertical hillsides and rounded summits covered by abundant vegetation known as hillocks. Visit the most complete orchid farm at Soroa, with 750 varieties! Explore evergreen tropical forest; semi-deciduous forest; coniferous forest with pine; thorny xenomorphic thicket and much more!

ITALY Villa Taranto - A famous large garden in English style, founded in 1931 by the shore of Lago Maggiore. Very large specimens of rare Magnolia-species, Cedars and other trees. Also many large Dicksonia antarctica and Emmenopterys Henryi. Many thousands of plants, brought from the far corners of the world, and rare collections, some of them unique in Europe and acclimatized after long laborious efforts, have been arranged with art in this beautiful setting, between the mountains and the lake.
JAPAN Shirotori.jpg (41322 bytes)Shirotori Garden is a compact, but very heavily landscaped garden in Nagoya.  It is incredible what they fit in this small tract of land, about 3.7ha. The garden also has a rare three-toned suikinkutsu, a type of Japanese garden ornament and music device, lakes filled with Koi and artificial rivers with waterfalls.  It's very scenic and worth visiting.
NEW GUINEA National Capital Botanical Gardens of Papua New Guinea - A huge collection of plants including many palm species, bamboos, heliconias, cordyline, pandanus, native trees and shrubs and is well-known for it's extensive collection of Papua New Guinea orchid species. There are a number of animals an display. A world-class exhibit is home to one of the largest snakes in captivity anywhere in the world.
SWITZERLAND Parco Botanico del Gambarogno - One of the most extensive collection of magnolia species and hybrids in the world, as well as many camelias and other woody plants. Large trees of famous Magnolia species (Magnolia sprengeri, M. campbelii, M. sargentiana, M. macrophylla)  and hundreds of hybrids. Grafts from the plants are available for sale.
UNITED KINGDOM Forest of Avon is one of 12 Community Forests in England and covers 221 square miles in and around Bristol.

USA Harper.Collec.1.jpg (44972 bytes)Hidden Lake Gardens, MI - A conifer treasure - The Harper Collection of rare and dwarf conifers contains over 500 accessions which are displayed on a 5 acre setting. Nearly 100 % of the plants in the collection were donated by Justin (Chub) Harper in 1980. Some of them are actual grafts and propagations that Chub did with Randy Dykstra of Fulton, IL. The number of accessions in the collection have fluctuated over the years as plants grew too large and were moved to other locations in the garden.
Hawai Tropical Botanical Garden - A spectacular Rain Forest preserve with over 2,000 species, representing more than 125 families and 750 genera
Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska - A 5880,000 acre glacier-carved landscape. Explore the Harding Icefield with over 30 named glaciers! The icefield is a remnant of the Ice Age. Stroll to the base of the impressive Exit Glacier! Take a Kenai Fjords cruise to various areas of the park, including Fox Island, Resurrection Bay and the Northwestern Fjord! Don't miss the spectacular tidewater glacier 'Aialik Glacier'. (128708 bytes)Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI - 40 miles of nature's handiwork. A Conifer Winter Wonderland consisting of pristine beaches, 200-foot-high sandstone cliffs,  glacial lakes,  mountains, dunes, lighthouses, waterfalls and coves that harbor agates, greenstones and others. Mineral-stained cliffs are rising dramatically from the lake. 
The Living Desert Wildlife and Botanical Gardens - Extensive plantings and wildlife from deserts all over the world - 1200 acres of The Living Desert! A Desert Experience!
Wisconsin's Apostle Islands National Lakeshore - 33,500 acres of wilderness featuring incredible cliff formations, sea caves, and some of the most stunning sand-scapes in the Great Lakes region. The park encompasses 21 islands and a stretch of shore along Lake Superior. The new park is now named the 'Gaylord Nelson Wilderness'


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