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Vanda 'Bangkok blue'  ©

Ferocactus pilosus ©, Mexico
Photo: Michael P. Frankis

Cedrus libani ©, Susuz Dag, 
Taurus Range, Turkey, 
Photo: Adrien Golinelli

Billbergia decora ©

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 Arboretum de Concord

Gymnosperm Database

American Conifer Society

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Virtual Library

Agricola Web Access - premier database for plant literature
Botany / Plant Biology 
Electronic Sites of Leading Botany, Plant Biology and Science Journals
Biosciences - Encyclopaedia of Plants -  provides information regarding the general description of the plants, the various methods of cultivation, propagation and more 
The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University living collections searchable plant Inventory  Dendrological Research Institute
Rare Books from the MBG Library - Digital Literature - The web site is presented by the Missouri Botanical Garden Library and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and features 131 volumes from the Rare Book collection -  51,636 pages and 12,670 botanical illustrations
Cornell Plantations  - Cornell University - excellent Horticulture information Forest Service USA
Flora of China - China's plant life represents nearly one-eights of the world's total plant species - about 31,000. Included are 7,500 species of trees and shrubs. Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood) was discovered in Central China in 1948. The threatened Chinese conifer Cathaya argyrophylla is being introduced to the USA. China's plant life is truly extraordinary! A searchable Database!
Primary Flora - Havard Education - Information on the names, taxonomic relationships, continent-wide distributions, and morphological characteristics of all plants native and naturalized found in Andes of Ecuador, China, Chile, Nepal, North America and Pakistan
English Nature - to conserve and enhance the natural environment - Nature on the Map! Forestry Comission - Great Britain  
Hardiness and Heat Zones
USDA Hardiness Zone Map
Herbarium of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands (CAYM)
HGTV - Home and Gardening - "Gardening, Landscaping & Hardscaping advice, projects, videos, ideas and plant-care tips and tricks from HGTV"
Internet Directory for Botany is an index to botanical information available on the Internet. Institute of Forest Genetics (Dendrome)
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature International Plant Names Index
Journal Archive 'BG Journal' (Botanic Garden) Major Botany Links & Resources
NAPPO Phytosanitary Alert System - composed of the plant protection organizations for North America provides pest alerts and news of emerging plant pests of significance to USA, Canada and Mexico. Free subscriptions are available.
NSF Net Center for Plant Genomics - a massive collection of plant data--most complete among plants, of course, being Arabidopsis thaliana. Currently, a total of 87 sites are searched for genetic data.
North American Plant Protection Organization's (NAPPO) Phytosanitary Alert System: Provides pest alerts and news of emerging plant pests of significance to North America - News and info. on biotech, conventional and biological pesticides The Plant Image Gallery - 7000 pictures of plants native to several parts of the world
Plant Finder - Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Patent Database
PlantZAfrica - Information and photographic images of plants native to southern Africa. A companion site to the National Botanical Institute main site. Rothamsted Research - The largest agricultural research center in the UK. Its scientific research ranges from studies of genetics, biochemistry, cell biology and soil processes.
Royal Horticultural Society Plant Finder
Scott's Botanical Links - Dr. Scott Russell, Dep. of Botany and Microbiology of the University of Oklahoma South African National Biodiversity Institute - Home to Kirstenbosch  Botanical Garden
SysTax - a Database System for Systematics and Taxonomy - Concept-based Botanical and Zoological Systematics, Botanic Gardens, Herbaria, and Zoological Collections,  Literature and Multimedia Data (pictures, sound files, video) Adresses
TREE AID is the UK's only forestry-focused development charity Trees for the Future
Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages - Dr. H. Grissino-Mayer, Dept of Geography, University of Tennessee - the ultimate source for info on  the science of Dendrochronology Tree Register of the British Isles - An unique database of over 125,000 of the most notable and ancient trees in Britain and Ireland.
USAD Plants Gallery - Natural Resources Conservation Service - The Plants Gallery emphasizes photos and line drawings of U.S. plants but also contains many cultivated or foreign taxa. USDA National Agricultural Library - USA Department of Agriculture
The Virtual Foliage Home Page - Department of Botany,  University of Wisconsin-Madison Virtual Herbarium Search Page - Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden 
Virtual Herbarium - Intern. Plant Science Center World Dictionary of Trees


BROMELIADS Casus Pro Diagnosi -  Bromeliad Identification Page at the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens. This site provides information about the less known or problematic Bromeliad species and is a forum for Bromeliad identification. Bromeliad site of the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens

Brom-L picture Gallery - Bromeliad Enthusiast picture gallery - More  FloraPix Galleries for plant enthusiasts from the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens
Pineapples and other Bromeliads - Information Sheets from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Save Florida's Native Bromeliads - An educational site that provides information on Florida's native bromeliads
Mulford B. Foster Bromeliad Identification Center List of Genera, Kew
Bromeliad Biota - sponsored by The University of Florida
Save Florida's Native Bromeliads - An educational site that provides information on Florida's native bromeliads

Rainbow Gardens Bookshop
Spanish Moss - Its Nature, History and Uses

CACTI - SUCCULENTS Cactus and Succulent Mall - Internet Resource for all growers of cacti and succulent plants. The site contains an extensive collection of links to organizations and information, including societies, clubs, nurseries, and literature. The site is regularly updated with information.
Cactus Collections - thousands of pictures - search with Google image index system Cactus Photo Gallery - a Premier photo collection 
Living Rocks of Mexico - The best and most comprehensive resource on the genus Ariocarpus, including many Online Publications and Literature References The Leafy Succulent Collection by Peter Lapshin - Moscow Institute of Plant Physiology. The collection is located at the Timiryazev Institute of Plant Physiology, Moscow. Succulent Photo gallery -  A web site dealing with succulents from Africa and Madagascar. The web site aims to promote knowledge of these fascinating regions which hosts most of the non-cacti succulents of the world.
The Paradise is a portal dedicated to the Cacti of Brazil:  The objective is to identify the remaining cacti in Biomass Cerrado and Caatinga and the study of endemic Bromeliads in the area, mainly on the genera Bromelia, Encholirium, Dyckia and Orthophytum.

CONIFERS Pinus.aristata.broom.jpg (62685 bytes)American Conifer Society Database - The Conifer Database currently contains more than 4363 records and the Photo Library contains over 1733 photos - Photo: Pinus aristata Broom, Bill Barger Ancient Bristlecone Pine - "Earth's oldest living inhabitant  - Discover how these trees were found and where they live"
Australian Conifers - The Conifer Track (Australian National Botanic Gardens) An introduction to Australian conifers, including maps showing conifers in the gardens British Conifer Society Photo Gallery - spectacular conifer photos - Britain's climate is ideal for growing conifers!
Climate-Vegetation Atlas - North American Conifers
Conifer Tissue Culture - Canadian Forest Service
Conifer Taxa - a complete list accepted for Registration - Royal Horticultural Society 
Conifer Books - 66 books (22 new) are  listed by geographical region, by family or genus, propagation books and journals - Arboretum de Villardebelle Dendrome - A Forest Tree Genome Database - a central electronic resource for the study of forest tree genomes. Researchers are asked to participate!
Czech Conifer Gardens - Photos from various conifer collections taken by Bob Fincham's (Coenosium Gardens) during his extensive travels. The Gymnosperm Bookstore - great conifer books - all publications are listed alphabetically, by author
Educational Journey - Cultural Information provided by members from the Conifer Obsession Groups
Conifer Pest and Diseases - Insect Pests, Plant Diseases and Viruses, IBM, Bio Control, Pesticide Info.
Obsession Photo Gallery - Links to the best Conifers Photos from around the world

Mesterhazy Pinetum
- Photo Gallery - Dr. Zsolt Mesterhazy's Conifer Treasury of the World
The Gymnosperm Database - the Web's premier scientifically accurate source of information on conifers and their allies.
A comprehensive site about the world's conifer species!
Gotelli Arboretum - The Dwarf and Slow-Growing Conifer Collection boasts 7 stunning acres of horticultural beauty at the U.S. National Arboretum. Take a Virtual Tour through the fascinating world of conifers and discover the amazing diversity in this plant group. It is now one of the most comprehensive collections of dwarf conifers in the world.
Neartica - Native Conifers of North America - A standard reference for foresters, a complete field guide to all of the conifer species native to North America - A key to the genera and species!  Access the genera and species form a checklist! The Mountains of California - The Forests -  by John Muir (1894) - A description of the grant conifers of the Sierra Nevada, including full text of the book and illustrations (Sierra Club)
Silvics of North Amercia - Vol. 1: Conifers - An US Department of Agriculture Forest Service publication, covering everything you want to know about conifer species. Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages - The ultimate source for information on the science of Dendrochronology
Ronald Lanners's Tree World

ORCHIDS The Orchid Mall - Complete Online Orchid Resources - a listing of links to various informational and commercial sources about orchids. Extensive links to vendors, orchid culture sites, orchid societies and an Orchid Photography Site. Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia - A major resource site for orchids with more than 6256 species! in 622 genera! Orchid site compiler: Jay Pfahl - This site is dedicated to orchid lovers everywhere!
Orchid Digest - A quarterly magazine pertaining to the culture, growing and hybridization of orchids. Orchid Guide Digest(OGD)  - An online publication for Akerne Orchids, Belgium's leading botanical Orchid nursery
London Orchid Society (Canada) Picture Reference Database
Looking for a photo of a particular orchid? This picture reference keyword-searchable database contains a list of over 60,000 orchid photographs and where to find them.
The International Orchid Register - A searchable hybrid orchid database. You can search by genus and/or grex to determine the parents of your orchids. Database is maintained by The Royal Horticultural Society
Orchidwire - A searchable database of links to more than 600 orchid resources in  39 countries  Orchid Books - Garden Books - Alphabetical Listing by Title - from the AOS
The Digital Orchid Library - A great orchid literature site The Laeliinae Specialist Page - Dr. Cassio van der Berg
W3 Tropicos - Taxonomic info by the Missouri Botanical Garden -  the list supplies all orchid names and almost every name for all plants. How to import Plants
Orchids of Brazil
Papua New Guinea Orchid News
Orchids of  North America, incl. Greenland and Mexico

PLANT CONSERVATION African Conservation Foundation represents a large network of conservation organisations throughout Africa. American Orchid Soc. Conservation
Australian Network for Plant Conservation
Botanic Gardens Conservation International - BGCI links over 800 botanic gardens and botanical institutions in more than 120 countries in the world’s largest network for plant conservation, environmental education and sustainable development. Based at Kew. Canadian Botanical Conservation Network -  Objective: to preserve the biological diversity of Canada's rare and endangered native plant species, wild habitats and ecosystems through education and conservation programs.
Cactus Conservation Institute (Texas) Center for Plant Conservation - Site hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Directory of Forest and Conservation Nurseries
FFI - Fauna & Flora International
Global Trees Campaign - Over 8000 tree specie are threatened with extinction
International World Wildlife Fund - WWF, the global conservation organization -  a World Wide Fund for nature. WWF is one of the world's largest conservation organizations, with a global network in over 100 countries.
IUCN - The World Conservation Union The Nature Conservancy
Nature Conservancy of Canada Rio Atlantic Forest Trust
Orchid Conservation - Rare & Endangered Orchids of NSW
More  Conservation Links
Plant Talk
Sierra Club - Information on Conservation from the nation's premier Conservation Organization -  more than 750,000 members
UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre WCMC - United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre 
The World Conservation Union

"The best Plant Resources from around the World - including Bromeliads, Cacti and Succulents, Conifers and Orchids"


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